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Museo de Antropología


Photo by Laura Garcia

 The Anthropology Museum in Xalapa gets high marks from everyone who visits. It is renowned for having seven giant Olmec heads on display. About seventeen have been excavated in the State of Veracruz. Carved from basalt, the heads range in size from 6 to 9 feet tall and are estimated at about 20 tons. The museum houses an amazing collection of art and artifacts from pre-Colombian civilizations in Veracruz.

Museo de Antropología
Av. Xalapa s/n
Entre Av. 1° de Mayo y Acueducto
Col. Magisterial
91010 Xalapa, Veracruz, México
Tel: (228) 8 15 49 52
8 15 09 10
8 15 07 08
http://www.uv.mx/max. The flash intro is wonderful!

General Admission: 40 pesos (US$4.00)

Hours (horarios de visita):
Tuesday through Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

January 1
February 5
March 21
May 1
September 16
November 20
December 25

Chris, one of our members who moved to Xalapa in 2006, posted a report on his trip to the museum along with some great photos, from his Ruminations of an Expatriate blog.

This page, from the Xalapa Tourist Network, has some nice images and information in both English and Spanish.

Beautiful photos, both interior and exterior, can be found on George and Audrey DeLange’s pages. They are an American couple who have traveled extensively, not only throughout Mexico but all over the world. Their photographs are enough to make you start planning your trip to Mexico today!

More photos of the Olmec Heads at the museum from the Latin American Studies organization.

A beautiful image of the museum’s entrance hall is here. Photo by Edward Dawson of Dallas, Texas.

A couple more nice photos here on a blog entry from Mexico-with-Heart.

From Planetware, an article on the museum here.


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Articles Around the Net

These are some of the best articles on Xalapa I’ve seen so far:

Xalapa: City of Flowers – by Alan Cogan, published on Mexconnect. It doesn’t say when the article was written, but a reference in the final paragraph leads me to believe it was written in 1998.

Xalapa of My Dreams – by Roy Dudley, published in 1999 on Mexconnect.

Xalapa – some dry facts from Wikipedia.

About Xalapa – from Universidad Veracruzana. Little information but has some nice photos.

Xalapa – by Steve Bridger, published on Mexicanwave.

Why Xalapa: From Chicago to Mexico – by Jan Morgan, published on Escape Artist (no indication of original publication date).

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Earlier this week the Visit Xalapa Yahoo Group was formed. To date our members include two expats who live there, one who has been living there for 30 years and one who has been living there for three months. Another has visited several times. We are fortunate to be starting out the group with this much expertise!

Click to join the Visit Xalapa Yahoo Group.

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Today is the birthday of the Visit Xalapa website. Xalapa is the capital city of the state of Veracruz in Mexico AND the place where some of us are thinking of living in the future.

We have another domain URL at http://www.VisitXalapa.net, which will bring you directly to this site if you care to use it.

You may want to visit our sister Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/visitxalapa

However, it is our goal to make this the main Xalapa site in the near future.


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