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Above Photo — Stephen and Patricia at a primary school in Huatulco area

Our blog has been at rest for a while but it is time to wake it up from its sleep. Yes, we are “pregnant” for Xalapa City. This very night, we booked our tickets for the first leg of our journey to Veracruz in late January 2008.

Oh . . . I forgot to show you the happy couple. The following is a photo of us at my spouse’s annual dental Christmas party.


We have only one more party to go, this December, and then we leave on a jet plane to Mexico.We get to Mexico as often as we can. In fact, we just returned from a trip to the southern Pacific side where we dropped off school supplies to areas schools.


We will use this blog to detail our preparations and eventual travel to Xalapa City. We plan to survey Xalapa City and Oaxaca City and wrap up our first tour in Huatulco visiting a lot of old friends. We probably will return to Xalapa and/or Oaxaca City later in 2008 to take up residence for many months. We have no plans to buy any property, but rather prefer to explore Mexico, Haiti, and north Brazil, if time and money hold out.

I would also like to remind you of our Yahoo Grupo “Visit Xalapa,” which will continue to be an electronic assistant to find others interested in Xalapa City and act as a repository of information for all of us. Please check it out using the links on the side of this blog.

More to come from this Genuine Tourist . . . Stephen


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