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Patricia Sardeson speaks . . . .

It occurred to me as we went walking in downtown Tlaxcala that much of what we see is like it was when I was a child and went downtown in our small Wisconsin city so many years ago.  It was the thing to do on a Saturday morning, to go downtown, get a coke and French fries, see friends, and possibly a movie as well. 

            As were were walking we noticed the vast amounts of large shoe stores.  Many were next door to each other creating much competition for each other.  There were so many styles, sizes, colors and infinite varieties of shoes it was just mind boggling to think of which one to choose.   We haven’t seen this on main street USA in many years.  I remember the “Red Goose” and “Poll Parrot” shoe stores of my youth.  As a young women, I would look in the window and think how cute they were and want the latest styles. Many times, they didn’t have them in my size.   Here they have every size from infant to Large in the window.  It is kind of fun to look ,see, and laugh at how impossible it must be to walk in some of those.   The colors are also fun.  Shoes for men in bright Blue, Pink, Red and whatever you have the nerve to wear.  Women’s shoes that are so high that you are literally walking on your toes. I personally can’t see how the women walk on these cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks in them, but they do and don’t seem to trip as frequently as I do in my “sensible” shoes.


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