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We have been walking the streets of Xalapa for six weeks and enjoying the beauty of its people.  Yes, beautiful people and things can be found in Xalapa and often within an arms lengths in what sometimes seems a very crowded community.  I suppose our biggest adjustment was getting use to the narrow sidewalks crowded with people and the even more crowded streets with cars.  It took two weeks of walking twice a day before we didn’t get lost even with a map, compass, and street signs.  You see, Xalapa is a very complex city, at least in its “historic centro.”  Yesterday, we had lunch about noon at La Fanda restaurant.  The  “blue plate special” included several items and was very good, especially the price of less than $5.00 (USD) each.  From the balcony of the restaurant, we had the following few of the main street leading from our residence up to the central plaza.

From the balcony, we saw people just beginning their afternoon shopping and young people returning from morning school.  Also, we noticed the local bicycle club (person in the orange shirt) working on a project for the blind.  We spotted Raul on the sidewalk across from us following a person with a guide dog and filming the challenge of being disabled and walking in Xalapa.  Raul appeared invloved in a service project to help people who are blind to live more independently.  AND, even though we are just “Genuine Tourists” in Xalapa, we spotted our landlord, Roy, networking with folks on the street on his way home.  Just drag your cursor slowing across the following thumbnails to read their descriptions.

Woman Serious About ShoppingStudents ReturningCouple Returning From School

Person Blind and GPS MonitorOur Landlord Networking

Interestingly, this very night, several tandem bicycles were delivered to the local bicycle club so that blind people will be able to experience bike riding with a sighted person.

Tandem Bikes For The Blind

And, here they are unpacked . . .

 Unpacked Tandem Bikes

The beauty of Xalapa’s people is not seen in their outward appearance but rather in their honorable conduct, some already noted in the preceding service project for people with the disability of blindness.  However, we also found beauty in their honesty when we overpaid many of them in the market place and were returned our funds even in their poverty.  We have experienced beauty in their kindness when they have interrupted their own daily routine to help us find a street or shop, sometimes going many blocks out of their way.  Perhaps, their greatest work, however, has been and is their children.  Today, we found one such moment when we observed very young school children celebrating an early “Festival of Spring.”  Here are two videos of the event, followed by a few photos.

Princesses Waiting For CrownsSpring Festival QueenSpring Festival Smallest

We have almost completed our “Visit” of Xalapa for this year.  Soon,  we will travel to Huatulco, then Oaxaca, and then finish our first winter in Mexico with a visit of several weeks in the small Mexican state of Tlaxcala.  We will miss this place and hope you will too.  Next week, posts regarding our time in Huatulco will be available at —


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