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Xalapa has a lot going on if you know when and where to look.  The first place to keep an eye on for “up and coming events” are the streets with colorful signs announcing feature events.  It also helps to have friends alerting you because not all performances are easy to learn about.  Here is  a poster announcing a performance at the Café Teatro el son de corazón, a restaurant just two blocks from our “la casita.”

 Sign Announcing Event

We decided to attend but had not reserved a table thinking it would not be necessary . . . were we wrong.  Every table on the first floor but two in the back corners were marked “reserved” so we headed upstairs and found two plastic tables, one of which became our sidewalk café experience for the evening.  The performance took place in the “courtyard” below us, and we had a bird’s eye view. Here are some photos to get you started.

Entrance of Dancers
Floor Shot
Close up of two dancers.

The upper level of the restaurant filled up with spectators on chairs all around, but we had the only table upstairs and still received excellent service from a very small and overworked hostess.  Of course the upper level had its own “performance” which those people in the reserved sits on the main floor missed.

Lovers Focused on Each Other

Our view of the main floor from above.

View of Dancers From Above

At the conclusion of the performance, the audience was able to join the dancers for a couple of sets.

Audience Gets Into The Act

Now our friend, Marie, who also attended with us had lived for two years in Africa and knew a little bit about African drum music and dance herself.  While the drums music were somewhat reminiscent of her African experience, she felt the dance was actually more modern and choreographed.   But, depending upon your life experiences, we will let you be the judge of it yourself by clicking on the below video.

And, of course, it would only be fair to let you judge Marie and her own dance performance, unfortunately not caught on video, that we witnessed on the street on the way home after a fine evening.

Marie, our Amiga, Takes the Dancing to the Streets

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