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Sones de Veracruz — Part 1

While visiting Xalapa for several weeks this past Spring, we had an opportunity to be entertained on two occasions by a musical group known as the “Sones de Veracruz” who appears to be lead by David Rubio Galvan (davidrubio33@hotmail.com).  The group seems to have a “gig” every Friday (or Saturday?) night at La Consa Beatrice Restaurante, just a few blocks from the zocálo in Xalapa.  Here are some photos of Rubio and some of his fellow musicians.

Rubio (center) with Group Members

Rubio (center) with Group Members

Quite a Player of the Spoons

Quite a Player of the Spoons

See them perform in a video just a click away — click here


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 The two young people in the video below seemed to have captured the spirit of “Polka” music, but I will let you judge for yourself —

The above video does not have a photo embedded in it for some reason, but if you click on it you will see a short demonstration of young people dancing on a challenging stage surface.

Below are some samples of dancing in the streets —

Beauty and The Beast, perhaps?

Beauty and “the Beast” Dancing . . . which drew a lot of attention 😉

The Beasts in the Crowd

Some of “the Beasts” on the Streets

Perhaps someone could write a comment about the nature of the costumes and the wood masks and the tradition they actually represent.

Finally, the dancing in the parade was both organized and spontaneous.   

One Enthusiastic Young Lady

The young lady above seemed to capture the “spirit” of the event

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On Sunday afternoon we were off to look for a major ecological park in Xalapa and didn’t know which way to go to pick up a bus to do so.  So, we headed towards our neighorhood park thinking it was the place to catch transport headed in the right direction.  However, the sound of music drew us into “our” park, and this is what we discovered —

One couple performed a dance with a ribbon at their feet on the ground.   Within moments, however, they presented the ribbon tied in a bow to the audience which they had tied with their feet while dancing —

Tied in Knots 

This little performer was delightful as well as her companions who danced with candles on their heads.  However, please notice the musician playing a “jaw bone” as a musical instrument behind her —

A Musical Jawbone

We did make it to the ecological park later in the afternoon but not before watching the other dancers in the park on a Sunday afternoon.  Here are some snapshots of what we were privileged to enjoy in our very own neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon —

Candles and DancersComedy and DancePregnant and RacingMore With Many ColorsA Talented CoupleBoys Can Do It

While we didn’t understand all the announcements following the dances, we got the impression much more was on the agenda for this little park in the early evening.  Unfortunately, it rained and we came back from our exploration too late and with not enough energy to return to the park to see if they were able to present an evening performance.

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