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Santa Anna’s main home seems to have been just outside of Xalapa and is a wonderful place to visit when in the area.  Unfortunately, the chapel was closed for restoration work when we visited last February, but the main house and the grounds were lovely.  Now we were told the house was fairly sparsely furnished when Santa Anna was in residence, probably because he “partied” everything away and “gambled” heavily (all with other people’s money), but the view from the house was marvelous.  However, I thought you readers might be interested in the view of the BACK of the house.

Lencero -- Santa Anna's Millpond

Lencero -- Santa Anna

 Now, I know this post is filed under “One photo/video,” but I thought I would substitute a photo for “the video” and show you the unique post of his original front gate which you can see here.

Front Gate Post of Lencero

Front Gate Post of Lencero

 For more delightful information about Santa Anna AND his connection to Illinois, USA, go to the following links —



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